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Instagram-style Stories that help you create testimony-building experiences as a family

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Four Simple Sections

Masterfully designed to spark spiritual discussions wherever you are

Daily Scriptures

A scriptural passage aligned with the weekly theme of Come, Follow Me and opens directly in the Gospel Library app with a simple swipe saving you precious time and keeping your kids engaged.

A seamless start to spiritual experiences.

Kick start a family discussion building on your daily study with 2-4 prompts that vary in depth and create testimony building experiences tailored to your needs that will stick with your family for a lifetime.

Thoughts to get the ball rolling

Set the spiritual tone you want around the table, before bed, or during a family or ward discussion with a short, gospel-centered insight that's based on the Daily Scripture which references and directly links to a talk by a General Authority or General Officer of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Ponder. Study. Discuss. Together.

Create bonding experiences that give you confidence knowing that your kids are learning relevant scriptures that will prepare them for seminary, missions, marriage, and life that will stay with them forever with a scripture selected for the week from Come, Follow Me, with preference given to the 100 Doctrinal Mastery scriptures that overlap, that you can study, ponder, discuss, and memorize together.

Unlimited Daily Firesides

Create limitless experiences every day with unlimited Daily Firesides.

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How To Start

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Start small

Find small moments throughout your day or week. Set a regular timer/reminder, then use the Daily Fireside to read a Spiritual Thought, ponder a scripture, or start a conversation.

Build on success​

Be patient, kind, and celebrate consistency over quality. Soon, it will become a cherished part of your family’s day, and you can find other opportunities where this pattern can be followed.

Set your own pace

Your family is unique - everyone’s is! There’s no right or wrong way to use Daily Firesides. Start off small, build daily habits, be patient, and celebrate the small wins!

Simplify for a busy life

Between kids, work, school, church, grocery shopping, soccer, book club, and walking the dog, no wonder it’s a challenge to fit in the daily things like scripture study and family prayer. That’s where Daily Firesides come in! Designed to be easy to pull out wherever you are, they give you an easy way to invite the Spirit and have scripture study or start a gospel-centered conversation when you only have a few minutes to spare.

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